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Rhinoplasty is probably a Facial Plastic Surgeon's favourite surgical procedure. It is not always done to modify the appearance of the nose. It is sometimes done to correct a blocked nose caused by:
-a crooked nose
-collapsed nasal valves

When Rhinoplasty is done for cosmetic reasons, the commonest requests are:
-raise the nose bridge
-make the tip sharper
-make the base of the nostrils narrower

Most patients under-estimate how much work and finesse is required to make these "little modifications". Inserting an implant to raise the nose bridge is simple. Creating a refined and natural looking tip is delicate work. Simply stuffing bits of ear cartilage into the tip sometimes creates a tip that looks slightly hooked. The natural proportions of the tip are changed. Faces that have been modified in such a way may look nice in photos but they may not look natural in person.

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