Cheaper Cosmetic Surgery done in the clinic but what is the danger?
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It is cheaper to do surgery in the doctor's clinic than in a hospital. To do proper surgery, there must be adequate anaesthesia.  In Singapore, certain anaesthetic drugs may only be used by an Anaesthetist in a proper operating theatre. This increases the cost of cosmetic surgery, but it is for safety.  Many people travel abroad for cheaper surgery where no such regulations exists.  Even if they survive the surgery, there is no telling how many brain cells have been lost from the lack of oxygen

Reasons why a former interpreter at a Korean plastic surgery hospital don't do plastic surgery
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Some with insider knowledge should feel less anxious about plastic surgery.....unless she knows something we don't.  

Beauty is not the sole preserve of women
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Men too!

How Snapchat dysmorphia drives teens to plastic surgery to copy looks phone camera filters give them
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This is a topic close to our hearts. We often encounter young people with unrealistic "aesthetic goals".  Most people shop for a cosmetic surgery or choose a surgeon by the pre- & post-op photos on their advertisement.  Remember this: what you see in a photo is more exaggerated than what you see in person.  What looks natural in a photo, looks exaggerated and unnatural in person.  

‘Goddess’ Japanese biker turns out to be 50y/o man using FaceApp
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The article is an example of how how face changing apps can create unrealistic expectations of how much one's face can be changed.  

Victims of a craze for cosmetic surgery
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Some interesting quotes from the article:
*One victim said when the bandages came off: "This is not a human face. It is more revolting than monsters or aliens."

*On top of that, it's emerged that some before-and-after photos have had a bit of surgery themselves - surgery of the Photoshop variety.

*32.3% of those asked responded that the results of their procedures were "unsatisfactory"

*"And doctors don't say, 'You're beautiful enough as you are.'"

Many people choose a clinic by looking at their online before/after photos (Clinics in Singapore are not allowed to advertise in this way).  Photos show less than the real-life appearance.  A lifted cheek may look and feel firm in person but the photo may not show it.  A post-op rhinoplasty photo may show a much "improved" nose, but it person, the nose may look unnatural.  A nose that looks natural may look like it has not been operated on when comparing before/after photos.  Subtle complexion changes are notoriously difficult to photograph.  The worst conspiracy is when photoshopped photos are used.

Linda Evangelista says she's 'permanently deformed' after cosmetic procedure
Model Evangelista says fat-reduction left her deformed



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